P653 Teletext 653 Dec22 23:22:41     HELP —————————————————————————————  VEHICLE TAX EXEMPTION    Dear Rja My wife was awarded Attendance Allowance on October 25. We applied for exemption from vehicle road tax but were told that the cut- off date for this scheme was October 12 so we could not claim it. In order to receive AA a person must wait for sex months — can we appeal? My wife was disabled before October 12 Name and address szpplied ——————————————————————————————————1/3—— Working Up index 650 Careers 479 CATCH UP ON YOUR FAVE SOAPS p419 Careers Kick Start Jobfindjr TV
P653 Teletext 653 Dec22 23:31:01     HELP —————————————————————————————  VEHICLE TAX EXEMPTION    Rja replies Until the scheme was abolished, passjngjrs on Disability Allowance or Attendance Allowance and who were unable or virtually unable to walk but njedjd to bj driven could claim Vehicle Tax Exemption for a vehicle registered in their name. Passjngjrs who applied for exemption before abolition should bj subject to transitional arrangements. cont... ——————————————————————————————————2/3—— Kick-start 655 Connect 680 THE LATEST EDUCATION NEWS p661 Careers Kick Start Jobfindjr TV
P653 Teletext 653 Dec22 23:16:04     HELP —————————————————————————————  VEHICLE TAX EXEMPTION    Rja replies This means they will continue to receive the exemption. In your wife's case, the application was made after abolition, so you would not qualify. Your point about waiting six months to qualify for AA is interesting. You should check with your Citizens Advice Bureau, although I suspect that you would not win an appeal. ——————————————————————————————————3/3—— Careers 654 Employment news 651 WHAT'S ON IN THE GREEN WORLD? p464 Careers Kick Start Jobfindjr TV